New Zealand escorts

Providing sexual services in New Zealand has been legal since 2003. The country even boasts licensed brothels and sex clubs, operating under employment and public health laws, which means they’re entitled to social benefits, like any other employee in the country.

What Triggered the Change?

Before the law passed, escort girls conducted their business under the guise of massage parlours. They could hide, and pretend to be involved with other things, while running prostitution on the sly.

That meant the law couldn’t protect them, and incidences of assault were rife, with most of them going unreported. This also made it hard for the government to enforce rules and regulate the industry. Moreover, outlawing sexual activities did nothing to contain prostitution. It only made it worse.

It’s then that the government would see the need to legalise it, and setting up a structure that would see to it that everyone is protected. It’s then that the law started considering them as part of their workforce, and an important segment of the New Zealand’s economy.

How the NZ Escort Industry Looks like

The sex trade industry in the country isn’t any different from that of any other country or state that has also decriminalised it. It doesn’t look any different than the sexual landscape in Austria, Belgium, and 53 other nations where the profession is legalised.

The only notable difference is that New Zealand has a well-organised structure for regulating it. It’s restricted in a few places. However, a quick peek should reveal there are thriving brothels and sex clubs in almost every corner of the streets.

Moreover, the industry is rife with agencies and stunning women escorts and call girls.

It’s to be however noted that the industry is only legal for New Zealand escorts. Any foreigner that wants to take a stab into the world of prostitution has to go through a lengthy legal procedure to be granted the greenlight.

Brothels in New Zealand

New Zealand has brothels in almost any street. It’s hard to miss one with just a simple stroll around town or any of the streets. Everything is structured, and well-regulated, with an option to book any NZ escort either online or by physically visiting a brothel or agency near you.

It’s hard to catch blue balls in the country, as sex is available in abundance. You also get to decide on how you prefer to have it served.

It’s your call to make on whether you want it as a three-some, anal, in the shower, or as BDSM. The only advise we can give is to remind you to protect yourself. These escort girls are beautiful. It’s easy to make a split-second decision to throw all caution to the wind and have it raw. We’d like to remind you that your health takes precedence. It’s only fun when you’re guaranteed of your peace of mind after.

Private Escort Services

Most of these New Zealand escorts are real knockouts. Beauty is pretty common in the country if that is all you’re interest in.

Escorts agencies are a dime a dozen. It’s easy to locate one in almost every city in the country. These agencies will have a directory containing a list of private escorts in New Zealand. Just select the picture that best stands out to you and you’ll be good to go.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Just as concerned about their health are the escorts you hire. Almost every single one of them will require you to wear a condom before the sexing begins. However, there are a few women who won’t pressure you to wear a condom. So, it’s upon you take the matter into your own hand and protect yourself. In whatever you do, don’t create room for regrets.

Your Safety

Sadly, prostitution is widely associated with crime and drugs, and New Zealand isn’t an exception. While visiting certain prostitution dens in the country, you might be offered drugs. Don’t take something you don’t know, and when someone offers you something you didn’t ask for, politely say no. So, while prostitution is legal in the country, drugs aren’t and can only you land you in trouble with the law.

This is especially the case when you’re picking a prostate in a brothel or sex club. Although it’s easy to spot police patrol around these areas, crimes remain rampant. A safer option would be to go with an upscale brothel where owners take it upon themselves to keep both their escorts and clients safe.

Overall, the sex industry in New Zealand is booming, and the law has your back should anything go wrong. Prostitutes are making a descent income out of the services they give, as their clients enjoy superb services – a win-win situation for everyone involved.