Closer Look at Men who Pay for Escort Services in New Zealand

A series of recent studies blow the lid on why men pay for escort services in New Zealand.

It turns out: one out of ten men has at some point, paid for sex. It’s a startling figure, as it goes on to paint prostitution as nothing out of the ordinary in the men world.

Mind you, most of these men are either married or in a relationship. As you continue to dig through the study findings, it lays down the specifics of what’s happening on the ground. Men who pay for escort services in New Zealand aren’t the regular hoi polloi, but eligible men of stature.

Think in terms of the men in authority, the revered kind – those serving esteemed positions in high-profile companies or even the government. These are men who don’t shy off the idea of paying private escort girls to have their phallus interest attended to.

The study goes a step further by revealing the age specifics. It happens that men between the age of 25 and 34 form the majority of the prostitute clientele.

Just to remind you – it’s at this age that men are at their most attractive. They’ve got looks, good earnings, and the confidence to match. Women swarm to them. But still, they prefer hiring private escort girls where they could easily bed some of the women they interact with.

Why is this so?

Another parameter the studies address is the level of promiscuity among these men. As it’s to be expected, men who seek the services of prostitutes are sex-positive. They’ve had numerous sexual partners before to develop an open mindset about it. This explains why they don’t consider it a big deal to seek out the services of our NZ escorts.

On the issue of health, only 16% of these men admit to having been infected with an STD before. However, the study cannot establish if this has anything to do with the fact that these men do hire prostitutes.

But it’s no hard guess that it has everything to do with the fact that they have had multiple sexual encounters, with a notch count that’s far higher than the national average.

Back to the disturbing question — why is this so? Why do these men hire private escort girls? Is the reason the same with every man, or does it vary from one man to another?

The reasons cited by the studies aren’t in black and white as some people would love to assume. For many of these men, sex isn’t even the main reason they hire prostitutes. According to the study, men who have sex with prostitutes do it because of the connection or the sexual tension that develops between them and the women. You may argue about how is it even possible to develop a connection with a total stranger that you’re meeting up for the first time.

For starters, prostitution is no longer about hooking up with a total stranger and jumping into sheets with them. It starts with man developing the emotional need for sexual companionship.

Here’s a man that’s out of town, on tour or a business trip. He’s looking to explore and meet new women. But his pickup skills aren’t good enough. So, after carousing, he ends up feeling lonely and overwhelmed with emotions. He’s craving for a sexual connection with a woman. But since he’s not good at picking women at a bar, he opts for the next available option.

A man may resist this urge for quite some time. But it’s to be noted that each man has an elastic point. There’s a point where the pressure becomes too much, and they have to cave in, to their humanly desires.

It happens even to the most faithful of the men. They can only hold their guards up to a certain point, after which everything comes to a point where they have to let go of all the resistance and respond to their natural instincts.

Plus, society puts so much pressure on men. They’re expected to suppress their feelings, desires, and everything that makes them men. The society is doing all it can to effeminize men, depriving them of the opportunity to enjoy life without being forced to be something that’s entirely out of their nature. Marriage ties them to responsibilities. And you can only have sex when your partner gives you the green light, and any attempt to force yourself on her passes as a rape.

It’s a woman world, and no one seems to understand what this does to men. And it’s killing them from the inside and sending them to an early grave. Ever wondered why the lifespan of men keeps on dropping? At no point do married men consider themselves independent. The society is full of expectation, with everyone (including fellow men) looking at them with judging eyes. Ready to lay the blame on them for anything that happens in their world. They’re cucked and served with divorce papers, yet the world expects them to pay child support and do away with half of their property.

Some men choose to carve their own path and lend a deaf ear to societal expectations. For reasons that are pretty much obvious to everyone, they refuse to sell their life to the financial servitude of women in the name of marriage. Some of these men still live with their parents. This means they can’t bring women to their abode. So, the only remaining option they’re left with is to hook up with prostitutes or and pay for escort services.

And then there are married men whose women starfish in bed. Sex is no longer an exciting moment for them, but a task that they have to be done quickly with and fall asleep. These men have a sex drive that their wives can’t keep up with. Plus, their wives aren’t open to the idea of experimenting with new things. For instance, bringing up the idea of anal sex to your wife sounds disrespectful.

To compensate for the lack of quality sex, these men have no option but to book escort girls. With them, they’re free to do virtually everything. Anal sex is on the menu should they crave for it.

Auckland escorts make the experience even better. You don’t have to just pay for sex, but for the whole experience that comes with having an intimate relationship with someone. These are women whose main mission in life is to make life fun and enjoyable to you.

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